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Buzzard Roost News

P O Box 911 Rising Star TX 76471 US

Taking God out of Everything.......All of That Spending......They'll Be Dead Fore Long

The Buzzard Roost News is a printed paper published once a month. In a goofy funny way we try to make people realize just how big of a mess our government is in & how much money they are spending. We have our normal Buzzard Roost people involved in the paper, my mule barn partner & beer drinking buddy, Estee K. Bibbles, Nellie Frecklebely, Agnes & Ophilia Fudpucker, the hog sisters Ima & Youra & off course ol Buzzard Roost Bubba. If you would like to recieve the Buzzard Roost News by 1st class mail just go to our subscription page.

Thanks Henry J Clevicepin Editor & Stud Duck